Women's Health

Cellulite, Urinary Incontinence, & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Syndromes

Our Team has years of experience working with women to provide treatments that effectively treat sexual health issues. We are the only one in the area to use our innovative and proven techniques to resolve women’s health issues.


Cellulite is a Connective tissue disorder that affects 80% – 90% of all women. Factors such as genetics, hormones, pregnancy, and aging all attribute to the weakening of the collagen fibers, decreasing skin elasticity, thickness and tone of connective tissue and give the typical orange peel appearance on thighs, buttocks and upper arms…

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a very common issue for many women. Whether it is due to childbirth, age, or another factor, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.
We provide procedures designed to directly affect and strengthen the muscle groups that prevent incontinence…

Pelvic Floor


One of the most common symptoms with pelvic floor dysfunction is pain or discomfort during intercourse. There are a variety of procedures that can help women decrease pain or discomfort during intercourse as well as improve sexual experiences overall…