Foot Pain

Foot Pain Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment Approach

Our Treatment Approach

Chronic foot pain is relatively common and almost expected, as the feet bear tons of force every day just from the process of walking. Often, chronic foot pain begins from a collapse of the medial arch. This occurs because the spring ligaments and plantar fascia can no longer support the arch. Treatments, such as arch supports, may provide temporary benefit but unless the ligament strength is restored, most patients find that they circle through various orthotics, cortisone injections, pain pills and dozens of new shoes trying to cushion the foot.

However, Our starMethod works to strengthen the arch to provide more permanent results.

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Heel Pain

  • Heel pain

    The following are common causes of heel pain:

    Plantar fasciitis – probably the most common cause of pain under the heel. Symptoms develop gradually over time, are worse first thing in the morning and may radiate into the arch of your foot.

    Bruised heel – (fat pad contusion), also known as Policeman’s heel is an overuse injury. It also has symptoms of gradual onset pain under the heel, but will not radiate into the arch of the foot.

    Sever’s disease – affects children, usually between the ages of 8 and 15. It causes pain at the back of the heel which gets worse the more active the child is.

Foot Arch Pain

  • The following are common causes of foot arch pain:

    Plantar fasciitis – is the most common cause of pain in the arch of the foot. Pain under the heel develops gradually, is worse in the morning and eases as your foot warms up.

    Plantar fascia strain – is a tear to the arch ligament under your foot. It can occur suddenly or may develop over time through repetitive strain.

Midfoot pain

  • Common causes of midfoot pain:

    Midtarsal joint sprain – is a sprain to any of the ligaments which hold the tarsal bones together in the midfoot area.

    Stress fracture of the navicular – is also common and should not be missed.

    Lisfranc joint sprain – should be considered as long term complications will result if this is missed.

    Sprained ankle – may also cause pain in the midfoot as well as the ankle.

Forefoot Pain

  • The following are common causes of forefoot pain:

    Bunion – (also called Hallux valgus) is a painful swelling of the tissue on the inside of the ball of your foot. It develops gradually over time. Eventually, a deformity occurs where your big toe points inwards.

    Sesamoiditis – is inflammation of the Sesamoid bones under the ball of the foot. Pain develops gradually over time and is worse when weight-bearing.

    Morton’s neuroma – is caused by compression of a nerve in the forefoot resulting in pain between the third and fourth toes.

    Turf toe – is a sprain of the ligament under the base of the big toe. It is caused by a sudden bending or forcing the big toe upwards.