Sports Injuries

Common sites of overuse injury, associated sports, and their popular names

SiteAssociated SportsEponym
Tibial tubercleJumping, sprinting, skiing, weight training, soccer, horse ridingOsgood-Schlatter disease
Patella (inferior pole)Soccer, rugby, jumping, skiing, sprinting, dancingSinding-Larsen-Johansson Syndrome
CalcaneusRunning, sprinting, aerobics, soccer, rugby, fencing, dancingSever’s disease
NavicularSprinting, running, aerobics, dancingKohler’s disease
OlecranonJavelin / throwing sports, tennis, gymnastics, weight liftingPalmer’s disease
LunateTennis, throwing sports, martial artsKeinbock’s disease
Thoracic spineRugby, weight lifting, gymnastics, swimming (butterfly)Scheuermann’s disease
Second metatarsal headDancing, martial arts, kicking sportsFreiberg’s disease
Third metatarsal headDancing, soccer, martial artsKohler’s Type 2

S.T.A.R. Therapy caters to sports-related injuries

We know athletes! Wouldn’t you want to be treated by practitioners who are also active and athletic themselves? Our founder, Dr. Brodbeck played Division I football, loves to play soccer, volleyball, golf, hike, cycle, and be active in all sorts of sports. It was a sports injury that actually led him to create S.T.A.R. Therapy because he saw his own injuries resolve after years of traditional treatment options. He understands what it means to be side-lined with a sports injury, as he has had many of them himself over the years.

Treating athletes is very rewarding because our team can also utilize a comprehensive health approach and help you reach your peak physical performance. Our practitioners love providing S.T.A.R. Therapy because it allows you to get back to training within a couple of days and does not involve long recovery periods.

We love working with all types of athletes and our goal is the same – to help you get healthier, recover quickly, and get back to doing what you love to do!

Our Research on Sports Injuries


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Pelvis and Hip

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 Upper Extremity


Spine and Back



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