Now offering PRP + Shockwave Therapy for 2.5x growth factors!

Accelerate Your Recovery with Cutting-Edge Regenerative Functional Medicine

Swift, Effective Relief for All Your Injury and Health Concerns

Empower Natural Healing: Unveil the Secrets of Regenerative Recovery!

Dr. Brodbeck has pioneered the Soft Tissue Applied Regeneration Method to bring you to the forefront of regenerative healing and repair. This innovative approach blends shockwave therapy and other methodologies, ensuring rapid recovery, minimal discomfort, and no downtime.

As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner®, Dr. Brodbeck has invested over 200 hours to become an authority in detecting abnormalities that result in clinical pathologies. He excels in pinpointing metabolic deficiencies and possesses the adeptness to manage complex chronic diseases. Dr. Brodbeck skillfully devises preventive strategies through a comprehensive array of modalities, encompassing dietary and lifestyle modifications, as well as natural and pharmaceutical remedies.

Renowned as a Key Opinion Leader and a revered clinical educator across the United States, Dr. Brodbeck has made available treatments once exclusive to professional athletes. Seize the opportunity to access elite-level treatments that have supported professional athletes for years, now tailored for you.


What We Offer

Whether you’re looking to address physical injuries, sexual dysfunction, or simply want to perform better and stay active, our personal approach to health has helped many of our clients stay on the top of their game.

  • I came in 18 months ago suffering from foot pain which Dr. B quickly recognized as plantar fasciitis. The foot pain made it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, kept me from exercising, and doing the things I love. After 6 treatments with Dr. Brett she is PAIN FREE, back to exercising, hiking and enjoying life!

    Jill C. - GOOGLE
  • Since receiving ESWT treatment I am no longer on pain medications, able to enjoy outings with my family and friends and my daily pain is now a few days a month.

    Linda S. - GOOGLE
  • Dr. Brodbeck is amazing, he’s helped me with multiple issues when other docs couldn’t figure out what was going on. He’s very invested in helping his patients live and function better.

    Galen T. - GOOGLE
  • I have thrown away so much money on orthopedic consults, steroid injections etc. The treatment Dr. Brodbeck has been doing is different than anything I’ve experienced before. No Surgery, no drugs.

    Karen C. - GOOGLE
  • I went to 3 other doctors for elbow pain and Dr. Brett was the only one that fixed my tennis elbow and got me back on the golf course pain free. He did it in a few visits vs 3 months with the orthopedic surgeon!

    Derek K. - GOOGLE
  • I went to Dr Brodbeck for a running injury and within the first couple sessions I was already feeling a noticeable pain decrease. His ESWT shockwave treatments are revolutionary and rare.

    Zachary R. - GOOGLE
  • Within only a few treatments, my lower back pain started to clear up and now I am amazed to say that it feels like I’ve never had any back pain at all!

    Emily H. - GOOGLE